Free Live Webinar: Tracking Accuracy: An Essential Step to Improve Your Forecasting Process

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To improve the forecasting process in your organization, it is critical to measure and monitor performance to know what is working and what isn’t. You can achieve this—and realize other significant benefits—by tracking forecast accuracy. In this educational one-hour session you will learn:

• Why it is important to track accuracy
• The differences between within-sample and out-of-sample errors
• Approaches to measuring forecast error
• The pros and cons of popular accuracy measures
• How to implement accuracy tracking
• How exception reports can streamline the review process

In this one-hour live Webinar, Eric Stellwagen, CEO, and Sarah Darin, Senior Consultant at Business Forecast Systems, Inc., will demonstrate how to apply best practices and avoid common pitfalls using examples with real corporate data.

Note: even if you can’t attend the live Webinar, by registering now you will be automatically notified when the recorded session is available for viewing on demand.

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