Product Comparison

To satisfy a wide range of business forecasting needs, we offer three editions of Forecast Pro-Forecast Pro 100, Forecast Pro Extended and Forecast Pro TRAC.

The information in the table will help guide you toward the appropriate edition, but our team is more than happy to help you find the right match. Contact us to discuss your business needs with one of our forecasting experts.

Key Capabilities Checklist FP 100 FP Extended FP TRAC
Data Capacity
Number of Items You Can Forecast Per Project 100 no limit no limit
Command Line Operation X X
Tools for Creating Accurate Forecasts
Broad range of forecasting methods X X X
Machine learning models X X X
Automatic “best pick” model selection X X X
Custom model specification at any level X X X
Overrides for Adding Judgment to Forecasts
Up to 11 retainable override rows X X X
Overrides at any level with reconciliation X X X
Override commenting with audit reports X X X
Team Forecasting
Review colleagues’ projects & make changes X X X
Excel-based collaboration X
Forecast Pro-based collaboration X
Flexibility for Working w/ Forecasts & Reporting
Numeric reports and graphic displays X X X
Inclusion of history and/or forecasted values X X X
Customizable reports with filtering X X X
Safety stock and reorder points X X X
ABC/Pareto analysis X X X
Conversions to multiple units of measure X
Hierarchy “Shuffling” (multiple hierarchies) X
Time fences X
Product mapping X
Forecast Accuracy Measurement & Tracking
Out-of-sample simulation X X X
Forecast archive database X
Forecast Value Add reporting X
Waterfall reports for analyzing accuracy X
Exception Reporting
Forecast vs. actual reports X
Forecast vs. history reports X
Forecast vs. archive reports X
Forecast range reports X
Waterfall reports X
Customizable Forecast Worksheets
Integrate multiple forecasts for S&OP X
Import pertinent outside information X
Calculate new rows based on existing rows X
Customer Success Fidelity

“Forecast Pro is so easy to use that we were able to create forecasts on the first day that it was installed. Within the first year, Forecast Pro helped us to reduce our forecast error to single digits.”



Customer Success Frito Lay

“Forecast Pro is one of the quickest yet accurate forecasting tools that I have ever come across.”



Customer Success Oberto

“Our forecasts are used for everything from planning/scheduling all the way up to revenue projection by the executive team. We have a full compliment of Forecast Pro products at Oberto.”