Free Live Webinar: Forecasting Demand in the Face of a Pandemic

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Just as the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting all of our lives, it is having a major impact on virtually all businesses. You are probably wondering how to create your demand forecasts given the pervasive uncertainty that this unprecedented global event has triggered.

In this Webinar Eric Stellwagen, CEO, and Sarah Darin, Senior Consultant, will provide pragmatic insight into how to create your forecasts throughout all phases of the pandemic—including the current initial stage, the uncertain months ahead and the subsequent “new normal” that will emerge. Drawing upon their extensive expertise in forecasting approaches that have been successfully used during other business disruptions, they will profile several business categories, review the methods that are best suited to each group and demonstrate these approaches in Forecast Pro TRAC using real-world examples.

Note: even if you can’t attend the live Webinar, by registering now you will be automatically notified when the recorded session is available for viewing on demand.

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