Our Users

Forecast Pro is used by more than 40,000 people across 12,000 different organizations in 88 different countries worldwide. Our users span virtually all industries, including CPG, Food & Beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, telecommunications, government, academic institutions and many others.

Forecast Pro users’ job functions fall into a variety of categories depending on how they are involved in their organizations’ forecasting and planning processes, where the forecasting function resides, what roles they play and other factors. Examples of Forecast Pro user profiles are described below. Some clients are dedicated forecasters, while for others forecasting is just one of many responsibilities—Forecast Pro’s broad suite of features and ease-of-use make it well-suited for a forecaster of any ability or comfort level.


For most users, Forecast Pro’s primary function is to forecast demand. Many organizations have dedicated staff responsible for generating and managing the demand forecast and despite having a portfolio of tools at their disposal, Forecast Pro often serves at the core of their arsenals. They use the software for improving forecast accuracy, making forecasting processes more efficient and supporting their organizations’ S&OP processes.

For many organizations, forecasting demand often means forecasting sales. In some cases, salespeople collaborate on the forecasts, playing a supporting role to the demand planner. In other cases, the forecasting function primarily resides in the sales department, which means that Sales is responsible for generating and managing the forecast themselves. Since the primary role for salespeople is to sell, they turn to Forecast Pro to automate and simplify large portions of the forecast process allowing them to focus on sales.

Forecast Pro’s statistical engine combined with its easy-to-use interface and automatic model selection makes its proven methodologies accessible to users of all skill levels. For seasoned analysts, Forecast Pro also provides fast and powerful ways to build and manipulate time series and multivariate regression models. By leveraging the software’s advanced diagnostic tools, they can focus their efforts on analyzing the models while leaving the heavy lifting to Forecast Pro.

For manufacturers, the demand forecast often drives production scheduling, so forecasting may fall onto the master scheduler’s plate. Forecast Pro reduces the time spent on forecasting, enabling master schedulers to focus on production scheduling tasks.

Lean inventory starts with a good forecast. Even if determining safety stocks, reorder points and/or min/max levels are the end goals, demand forecasts are required to accurately derive those quantities in the first place. To support this, Forecast Pro even has safety stock and reorder point functionality built directly into the software.

You can’t cut a purchase order without knowing the quantity you need to order! Forecast Pro is often the first step before purchasing can turn those projections into action.

Forecast Pro isn’t a black box—not only can it build models automatically, it also allows low-level manipulation of the forecast models and provides reports on a large number of within-sample and out-of-sample diagnostics, including R-Square, MAPE, MAD, and dozens of others. Since the software includes these comprehensive features coupled with proven methodology, it is often used as a teaching tool for aspiring forecasters and supply chain professionals. Academic institutions are eligible for significant discounts on Forecast Pro licenses, including special pricing for entire classrooms. Contact us for more details.

Titles held by Forecast Pro users include (but are not limited to):

Account Analyst
Account Manager
Accounting Manager
Adjunct Professor
Administrative Analyst
Administrative Forecast Supervisor
Administrative Manager
Advanced Systems Manager
Advisory Consultant

Budget Analyst
Budget Coordinator
Budget Director
Business Applications Consultant
Business Analyst
Business Development Manager
Business Information Manager
Business Intelligence Manager
Business Optimization Analyst
Business Planner
Business Process Manager
Business Research Analyst
Business Solutions Manager
Business Supply Chain Specialist
Business Systems Analyst
Buyer Analyst


Capacity Reporting Manager
Central Planner
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Accountant
Chief Consultant
Chief Economist
Chief Information Officer
City Treasurer
Civil Engineer
Client Manager
Collection Risk Manager
Commercial Analytics Manager
Contract Manufacturing Specialist
Consumption Forecaster
Chief Operations Officer
Corporate Database Analyst
Corporate Economist
Customer Service Manager

Data Analyst
Decision Support Analyst
Demand & Planning Manager
Demand & Supply Planner
Demand Analyst
Demand and Inter-Depot Planner
Demand Forecaster
Demand Forecasting Manager
Demand Fulfillment Coordinator
Demand Manager
Demand Planner
Demand Planner-SIOP Leader
Demand Planning Officer
Deployment Analyst
Director of Market Analytics
Director of Budgeting
Director of Capital Management
Director of Contract Mfg.
Director of Corporate Info Systems
Director of Customer Service
Director of Development
Director of Economic Research
Director of Finance
Director of Forecasting
Director of Global Inventory
Director of Global Purchasing
Director of Information Technology
Director of Institutional Research
Director of Logistics
Director of Management Reporting
Director of Marketing
Director of Materials
Director of New Business Development
Director of Office Planning
Director of Operations
Director of Performance Research
Director of Planning
Director of Process Improvement
Director of Product Control & Forecasting
Director of Product Development
Director of Product Management
Director of Public Works
Director of Purchasing
Director of Replenishment Programs
Director of Sales Analysis
Director of Sales Forecasting
Director of Sales Operations
Director of Strategic Planning
Director of Supply Chain
Director of Technical Operations
Director, Advanced Analytics
Director, Analytics and Reporting
Director, Production Scheduling
Director, Quantitative Research
Director, S&OP
Director, Six Sigma Black Belt Program
Distribution Engineer

Economic Analyst
Economic Development Coordinator
Energy Analyst

Forecast Analyst
Forecasting Manager

General Manager
Global Business Manager
Global Demand Manager
Global Inventory and Supply Planner
Global IT Director
Global Materials Manager
Global Operations Manager
Global Sr. Data Scientist
Global Supply Chain Planner
Global Supply Chain Systems Manager

Head of Forecasting Analytics
Head of Global Statistical Forecasting
Head of Infrastructure and Technology
Head of Research
Head Risk Management

I.T Supervisor
I.T. Analyst
I.T. Director
Industrial Director: SIOP
Industrial Engineer
Information Systems Analyst
Information Systems Manager
Inside Sales Executive
Inside Sales Representative
Inventory Analyst
Inventory Controller
Inventory Forecaster
Inventory Manager
Inventory Planner
IT Administrator
IT Analyst
IT Manager

Load Analyst
Load Forecaster
Logistic Advisor
Logistic Director
Logistics Manager

Managing Director
Managing Partner
Manufacturing Director
Market Research Analyst
Marketing Manager
Master Planner
Master Scheduler
Materials Manager
Medical Data Analyst
MIS Coordinator
MIS Director
MIS Manager

National Accounts Manager
National Business Analyst
National Forecast Manager
National Logistics Manager
National Product Manager
National Sales Manager

Office Manager
Operations Director
Operations Manager
Operations Research Analyst

Planning Analyst
Planning Analyst Supervisor
Planning and Logistics Manager
Planning and Purchasing Manager
Plant Manager
Policy Analyst
Portfolio Specialist
Power Resource Analyst
Power Supply Engineer
Power Supply Manager
Predictive Modeler
Pricing Analyst
Principal Revenue Analyst
Principal Service Planner
Principal Statistician
Process Analyst
Process Excellence Manager
Procurement and Inventory Manager
Product Deployment Manager
Product Line Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Product Strategy Manager
Production Engineer
Production Manager
Production Planner
Production Scheduler
Production Services Manager
Production Technology Manager
Professor of Civil Engineering
Professor of Economics
Professor of Finance
Professor of Management Science
Professor of Managerial Economics
Professor of Statistics
Professor, Logistics Management
Project Engineer
Purchasing Manager
Purchasing Specialist

QA Engineer

Research Analyst
Research Associate
Research Director
Research Engineer
Revenue Forecaster
Revenue Management
Risk Manager

S&OP Analyst
S&OP Coordinator
S&OP Demand Manager
S&OP Import/Export Manger
S&OP Inventory Manager
S&OP Manager
Sales Accounting Specialist
Sales Agent
Sales Analyst
Sales Consultant
Sales Coordinator
Sales Data Analyst
Sales Director
Sales Executive
Sales Force Excellence Manager
Sales Forecaster
Sales Funnel Manager
Sales Information Analyst
Sales Inventory Supervisor
Sales Logistics Manager
Sales Manager
Sales Planner
Sales Service Manager
Sales Support Manager
SAP Consultant
SAP Systems Specialist
Senior Buyer
Senior Caseload Forecaster
Senior Channel Manager
Senior Consultant
Senior Demand Planner
Senior Economic Policy Analyst
Senior Economist
Senior Fiscal Analyst
Senior Forecast Analyst
Senior IT Procurement Associate
Senior Lecturer
Senior Manager, Retail Forecasting
Senior Manager, Supply Chain
Senior Network Administrator
Senior Operations Research Analyst
Senior Order Administrator
Senior Outcomes Researcher
Senior Statistician
Senior Strategic Analyst
Senior Support Technician
Senior Systems Analyst
Senior Technical Advisor
SIOP Analyst
SIOP Leader
SIOP Manager
Software Systems Analyst
Sourcing Officer
Sourcing Specialist
Spare Planner
Staff Manager
Statistical Analyst
Statistical Associate
Statistical Demand Planner
Strategic Forecaster
Strategic Marketing Consultant
Strategic Marketing Manager
Strategic Planning Manager
Supply Chain Analyst
Supply Chain Consultant
Supply Chain Demand Analyst
Supply Chain Director
Supply Chain Forecast Manager
Supply Chain Leader
Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain Planner
System Administrator
System Analyst
Systems Engineer
Systems Manager

Trade and Supply Analyst
Traffic and Operations Manager
Training Coordinator
Travel Revenue Manager

Utilities Financial Analyst
Utility Systems Network Analyst

V.P. Manufacturing
Vice President of Finance
Vice President of IT
Vice President of Operations
Vice President of Sales
Vice President, Marketing