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Free Webinar: How to Forecast New Products

Online Webinar

New product forecasting is challenging—you can no longer rely on methods you use for existing products when there is little to no historical data available. In this one-hour webinar, Eric Stellwagen and Sarah Darin will survey various approaches for effectively forecasting new products. They will review pros and cons of forecasting methods for replacement products, product line extensions, new-to-company products and new-to-world products.

Seminario Web Gratuito | ¿Qué es Suavización Exponencial y Cuándo Debería Utilizarlo?

Seminario Web en Línea

No es de extrañar que muchos forecasters prefieran los modelos de suavización exponencial: son fáciles de aplicar, generan pronósticos precisos y pueden automatizarse. Acompáñanos en este seminario web online gratuito para aprender sobre las ventajas y desventajas de estos métodos de pronósticos populares y aprende cómo mejorar tus pronósticos utilizando modelos de suavización exponencial.

Free Webinar: Practical Strategies for Forecasting Weekly and Daily Data

Online Webinar

In this live one-hour educational webinar, Eric Stellwagen and Sarah Darin will discuss strategies for forecasting weekly and daily data, and some issues that may come up when working with this data. Through real-life case studies, you will learn practical approaches for defining the calendar, accommodating Week 53, correcting for the number working days, tracking holidays, forecasting multiple cycles (e.g., day of week and week of year), and converting between different periodicities.


Free Webinar: Simplifying Inventory Replenishment using Forecast Pro

Online Webinar

In this educational one-hour live webinar, Marco Arias Vargas, Founding Partner of Macrologistica and seasoned supply chain educator, will review how to improve resilience and performance in the supply chain based on replenishment models, commonly used replenishment strategies and pitfalls, how to implement replenishment models using Forecast Pro, and keys for tailoring a replenishment strategy to meet the needs of your organization.


Forecast Pro User Conference

Cambridge, MA

The Forecast Pro User Conference empowers you to get the most out of Forecast Pro by meeting with and learning from fellow users, forecasting experts and the Forecast Pro team. This content-rich event is designed to help you to improve your forecasting by focusing on “real life” business scenarios and offering practical solutions that you can implement in your own organization.

Free Webinar: The Past and Future of Forecasting – Spyros Makridakis Keynote Presentation

Online Webinar

In this one-hour webinar, Spyros will provide a brief history of the forecasting field, highlighting the importance of the Makridakis competitions in guiding its progress, and emphasizing the recent achievements of machine learning (ML) methods. In addition, he will discuss the future of forecasting and the challenges and changing role of the professional forecaster when ML methods become widely adopted. This webinar is a recording of Spyros Makridakis' Keynote Presentation from the 2022 Forecast Pro User Conference.

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