Free Webinar: How to Forecast Demand in Uncertain Times

January 26, 2023 @ 1:30pm to 2:30pm

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Just as the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all our lives, it has also significantly impacted virtually all business planning processes. Even years after the onset of the pandemic there is still incredible uncertainty, making business forecasting extremely challenging for demand planners.

In this free one-hour webinar, James Berry will discuss common problems organizations are facing and offer some solutions to these problems. He will provide pragmatic insight into how to improve your forecasting as we continue to navigate the uncertainty introduced by the global pandemic.

James will discuss how to forecast when you’re facing:

  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Stockouts and backorders
  • Large, unexpected orders
  • Changes in seasonality

This session will use Forecast Pro to demonstrate how to account for the impacts of Covid-19 in statistical models and how to efficiently integrate judgmental overrides in large-scale forecasting projects.



James Berry has worked with scores of Forecast Pro clients in his role as Director of Training and Senior Consultant at BFS, not only teaching them how to use the software, but helping them to design, implement, and improve their forecasting processes. What James has gained from this experience is a unique perspective on the practical challenges users face and how to overcome them—not to mention an impressive number of frequent flier miles!

Can’t attend the live webinar? Register for the session and we will notify you via email when the recording is available for on-demand viewing.


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