Free Webinar – Succeeding with Forecast Pro: Project Collaboration

February 15 — Multiple Times Available

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Throughout 2024, James and Franklin will present a 4 part webinar series: Succeeding with Forecast Pro. In the first webinar in this new quarterly series, you’ll learn ways to improve your collaboration in Forecast Pro TRAC.

This free session will take a deep dive into Forecast Pro TRAC’s Project Collaboration capabilities.

James Berry will discuss:

● How to set up a Parent-Child project

● How overrides and external data get carried to and from the Parent project

● Examples of Project Collaboration when slicing up the hierarchy by sales rep and by geography

● When hierarchy nodes should or should not be locked

● Whether or not to enable/disable forecasting

● Best practices in organizing team efforts throughout the forecasting cycle (including process, roles, and timelines)

This webinar will be presented twice to accommodate various time zones. Completing the registration allows you to attend either session.

Can’t attend the live webinar? Register for the session and we will notify you via email when the recording is available for on-demand viewing.


James Berry hasPhoto of James Berry worked with scores of Forecast Pro clients in his role as Director of Training and Senior Consultant at BFS, not only teaching them how to use the software, but helping them to design, implement, and improve their forecasting processes. What James has gained from this experience is a unique perspective on the practical challenges users face and how to overcome them—not to mention an impressive number of frequent flier miles!

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