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Creating accurate weekly or daily forecasts is more challenging than creating accurate monthly forecasts, but if this is what your business requires, don’t worry! There are several practical approaches— including some that are often overlooked— that your team can adopt to improve your weekly or daily forecasts.

In this live one-hour educational webinar, Eric Stellwagen and Sarah Darin will discuss strategies for forecasting weekly and daily data, and some issues that may come up when working with this data. Through real-life case studies you will learn practical approaches for:

  • defining the calendar
  • accommodating week 53
  • correcting for the number working days
  • tracking holidays
  • forecasting multiple cycles (e.g., day of week and week of year)
  • converting between different periodicities

Eric and Sarah will also demonstrate multiple approaches, including seasonal simplification, event models and machine learning, that can improve daily and weekly forecast accuracy in Forecast Pro.

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