Free Live Webinar: Pragmatic Insight on Forecasting During the Global Pandemic

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Sarah Darin and Erik Subatis will be guest presenters as part of the Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting (CMAF) of Lancaster University’s “Friday Forecasting Talks” webinar series.

Abstract: Just as the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all our lives, it has had a major impact on virtually all businesses. While some businesses have seen demand surge, others have seen it plummet. While some businesses continue to observe a disruptive influence on demand, others have seen demand stabilize to a new normal. Many companies continue to struggle with stockouts and longer lead times.

This webinar will provide pragmatic insight into how to use Forecast Pro’s methods and techniques to create accurate forecasts during the global pandemic. Drawing upon their extensive expertise in forecasting approaches that have been successfully used during this and other business disruptions, Sarah and Erik will provide an overview of how Forecast Pro can be used to account for the impact of Covid-19 in statistical models and how to efficiently integrate judgmental overrides in large scale forecasting projects. Erik and Sarah will profile several business categories, review the methods that are best suited to each group and demonstrate these approaches in Forecast Pro TRAC using real-world examples.

About CMAF’s “Friday Forecasting Talks”: Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting of Lancaster University is organizing a series of free webinars, called “Friday Forecasting Talks”. These webinars will consist of six talks loosely united by the idea of reducing the gap between research and practice, delivered by academics and practitioners.


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