Free Live Webinar: What is Exponential Smoothing and When Should I Use it?

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It is no surprise that exponential smoothing models are favored by many corporate forecasters — they are easy to apply, create accurate forecasts, and can be automated. Join this free live webinar to understand the pros and cons of these popular forecasting methods, and learn how to improve your forecasts using exponential smoothing models.


By the end of this one-hour webinar you will learn:

  • When to use exponential smoothing
  • How to build exponential smoothing models
  • How to interpret the results to drive your business decisions


Who Should Attend:

If your job responsibilities include preparing or analyzing forecasts, this webinar is for you! The webinar will discuss the ins and outs of exponential smoothing, providing a deeper understanding of these methods and allowing you to effectively apply exponential smoothing models to your own data.


Eric Stellwagen and Sarah Darin will draw from their extensive expertise in forecasting approaches to provide a comprehensive overview of these popular forecasting methods.

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