Free Live Webinar: How to Integrate Replenishment Models with your Forecasting Process

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Optimizing inventory levels has always been a challenge, and in today’s environment—with highly-informed customers, SKU proliferation and omni-channel order processes—it is even harder to reach that goal. By building replenishment models that complement your business forecasting processes, your company can manage inventory more effectively to keep it flowing efficiently through the Supply Chain.

In this educational one-hour live Webinar, Marco Arias Vargas, Founding Partner of Macrologistica and seasoned Supply Chain educator, will review:

  • the role of replenishment models in the Supply Chain;
  • commonly-used replenishment strategies;
  • keys for tailoring a replenishment strategy to meet the needs of your organization; and
  • approaches for integrating replenishment models with your forecasting process.

Marco will demonstrate several replenishment models that he has built using Forecast Pro TRAC and report on the benefits achieved from better inventory management.

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