Free Live Webinar: Forecasting Demand in the Face of a Pandemic: What now?

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At the onset of the pandemic, BFS presented webinars intended to provide guidance on how to create your forecasts throughout all phases of a pandemic—including the initial stage, the uncertain months ahead and the subsequent “new normal”. In this webinar, James Berry, Director of Training and Sarah Darin, Senior Consultant, will provide updated guidance on forecasting in the midst of a pandemic, now that we are well immersed in the current crisis and have a better understanding of how businesses have been impacted. Using real data, James and Sarah will provide an overview of the Forecast Pro methods and techniques that can help you generate more accurate forecasts as we enter a “new normal”.

We anticipate that this webinar will include an extended Q&A session, and we encourage people to reach out in advance with questions you may have. If you would like to submit a question in advance, please email with subject line “Webinar question”.

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