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Integrating Forecast Pro

As the market leader in business forecasting software, Forecast Pro is the obvious choice for software developers looking to add state-of-the-art forecasting to their applications. There are two simple ways to integrate Forecast Pro’s powerful forecasting technology with your application.

1. Establish a file interface to one of the off-the-shelf Forecast Pro editions.

  • Establishing a file interface is straightforward and provides your users full access to all of the interactive capabilities of Forecast Pro. Forecast Pro Unlimited and Forecast Pro TRAC are particularly well-suited for integration with other systems, due to their highly customizable output capabilities and support for command-line operation. Software developers who integrate Forecast Pro into their solutions qualify for substantial discounts on software purchased for resale.

2. Incorporate the Forecast Pro SDK directly into your application.

  • Incorporating the Forecast Pro SDK directly into your application provides completely seamless access to Forecast Pro’s powerful forecasting methodologies.

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