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IMS Therapy Forecaster by IMS Health

IMS Health is the world’s leading provider of business intelligence and strategic support for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The company offers a variety of solutions to help clients understand the marketplace, improve marketing effectiveness and optimize sales productivity.

How do you identify where to place your investments? How do you know in advance what will challenge your future sales? How do you establish realistic goals? How do you ensure your R&D product will maximise its market share once launched?

The IMS Health forecasting portfolio assists you in answering not only the above questions but many others that are key to making business decisions.

IMS Therapy Forecaster is the flagship forecasting programme from IMS Health that integrates, standardizes and simplifies the forecasting process producing realistic and timely forecasts through the networking of opinion leader and in-company knowledge in one system.

The IMS forecasting suite also includes country forecasts, with the IMS Market Prognosis series, and new product benchmarking with IMS Analogue Planner New Product.

Vertical Industry Focus:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology

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