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Advanced Decision Support (ADS) 4 by Assiduo Solutions Inc.

Assiduo’s ADS 4 provides end-to-end decision-support for the distribution systems of major manufacturers. Spanning inventory optimization, demand management, and supply chain intelligence, ADS 4 guides teams of planners to new frontiers of inventory performance, forecast accuracy, and cost control. ADS 4 supports complex, multi-echelon distribution systems, drawing on advanced research in an easy to use, customizable, and robust application. An integral data warehouse, based on OLAP technology, enables analysts and senior managers alike to monitor and dissect numerous supply chain performance metrics via intuitive and powerful tools. Through its professional service offering, Assiduo brings deep expertise to bear on the real world supply chain challenges of its clients.

Vertical Industry Focus:

  • Manufacturing and wholesale distribution
  • Retail
  • Aerospace

Assiduo Solutions Inc.
21 Tichester Road,
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Toronto, ON M5P 1P3
Phone: 1-647-439-4300