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Which Edition of Forecast Pro is Right for You?

To satisfy a wide range of business forecasting needs, we offer three editions of Forecast Pro—Forecast Pro TRAC, Forecast Pro Unlimited and Forecast Pro XE. The information below will help guide you toward the edition which is right for you, but don’t hesitate to call (617) 484–5050 to have a quick chat with one of our forecasting experts who can quickly match your specific needs with the appropriate edition of Forecast Pro.

Forecast Pro TRAC and Forecast Pro Unlimited are comprehensive forecasting and forecast management systems which are typically used by forecasters who prepare and update forecasts on a regular basis (e.g. weekly or monthly). These are the only products to consider if you need to do any of the following:

  • forecast a large number of items on a routine basis; and/or
  • collaborate with others to create the final forecast; and/or
  • make multiple adjustments or overrides that need to be documented.

Consult the capabilities checklist below for information about the major features available in Forecast Pro TRAC and Forecast Pro Unlimited when determining which of these two editions may be a better fit for your organization.

Forecast Pro XE is a desktop analysis tool for forecasters who need to create accurate forecasts for 100 or fewer items. Designed for forecasters primarily focused on generating accurate statistically-based forecasts (rather than modifying the forecasts after they are generated), Forecast Pro XE offers more detailed custom modeling options and diagnostic displays than other Forecast Pro editions. It is the only Forecast Pro edition that includes dynamic regression modeling.

We Can Help

The quickest and easiest way to determine the edition of Forecast Pro best-suited to your organization is to give us a call at (617) 484-5050. In a matter of minutes, our forecasting experts can discuss your specific forecasting needs, recommend the edition of Forecast Pro which is best for you and answer any questions you may have.  

Key Capabilities ChecklistTRACFPU
Tools for Creating Accurate Forecasts
Broad range of forecasting methodsXX
Automatic "best pick" model selectionXX
Custom model specification at any levelXX
Overrides for Adding Judgment to Forecasts
Up to 10 retainable override rowsXX
Overrides at any level with reconciliationXX
Override commenting with audit reportsXX
Team Forecasting
Review colleagues’ projects & make changesXX
Consolidate multiple projects into masterXX
Flexibility for Working w/Forecasts & Reporting
Numeric reports and graphic displaysXX
Inclusion of history and/or forecasted valuesXX
Customizable reports with filteringXX
Safety stock and reorder pointsXX
ABC/Pareto analysisXX
Conversions to multiple units of measureX 
Hierarchy "Shuffling" (multiple hierarchies)X 
Time fencesX 
Forecast Accuracy Measurement & Tracking
Out-of-sample simulationXX
Forecast archive databaseX 
Waterfall reports for analyzing accuracyX 
Exception Reporting
Forecast vs. actual reportsX 
Forecast vs. history reportsX 
Forecast vs. archive reportsX 
Forecast range reportsX 
Waterfall reportsX 
Customizable Forecast Worksheets
Intergrate multiple forecasts for S&OPX 
Import pertinent outside informationX 
Calculate new rows based on existing rowsX