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Stratum by Silvon Software, Inc

Stratum™ is an integrated suite of analytic applications featuring completely integratable modules for Sales Performance Management, Marketing Performance Management, Manufacturing Performance Management, Procurement Performance Management, e-Business Performance Management, Customer Relationship Analytics and Activity Cost Management.

The Stratum suite features hundreds of pre-built, best-of-breed analytical views and reports that allow business users to gain instant accessibility to information, drill down and examine the data in a number of ways, and make knowledge-based decisions. Stratum also offers exception management functionality and closed-loop processing capabilities for automatically triggering actions in ERP, CRM and other Web-based transaction systems based on analysis findings.

Combined with Forecast Pro, the Stratum™ module for sales performance management allows businesses to better manage product portfolios through comprehensive demand planning, forecasting and analysis. It is an ideal solution for supply chain businesses that must support rapid product introductions, complex and shorter product lifecycles, varied product configurations and other complex issues related to demand planning.

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